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The Apocalyptic Times of the Sanctuary
Biblical, Historical and astronomical confirmation

This book, the result of broad research, considers all the basic prophetic dates of the Bible and their connection with the sanctuary of Israel and the temple of the new covenant, as well as their fulfillment through time. It also examines their relation to Jewish festivals. The reader will obtain a panoramic view of the principal prophecies of the Scriptures. In the final section, the study focuses on the time of the end, which is the final goal of the main Bible prophecies.

Alberto Treiyer

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Dr. Alberto Treiyer obtained his doctoral degree at the University of Strasbourg, France. He has served as pastor and Theology professor in several higher education centers in Europe and the Americas. Dr. Treiyer is the author of several books dealing with the sanctuary and Bible prophecies. He currently presents lectures and seminars in various countries.