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Holy War and Cosmic Conflict in the Old Testament
From the Exodus to the Exile

Bible-believing Christians wonder about how can a God of mercy and love be also depicted in several books of the Old Testament as a Divine Warrior, involved in and supporting military conflict, wars, and the resulting bloodshed.

This carefully researched book takes into account the literary, biblical and theological dimensions of those problematic narratives.

The author examines each of those biblical passages, placing them in the larger context of the cosmic conflict between good and evil, God and Satan.
He seeks to answer key questions such as Does God ever want and cause war? Does he have purposes with it? Are there wars ever for the benefit of mankind? When God is involved with war, is he capricious or consistent?
This book will be of deep interest and value equally to lay readers, students, and scholars.

Barna Magyarosi

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Barna Magyarosi completed his doctoral degree at the University of Bucharest, Romania and is a member of the Adventist Theological Institute faculty in Cernica, Romania.