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William Miller and the Rise of Adventism

This book examines in detail the context of William Miller’s rise as “the most famous millenarian in American history” and the impact of his message relating to the imminent return of Christ to earth.
The author studies the emergence of several Adventist denominations out of the ranks of the disappointed Millerites after the passing of the predicted date of the Second Coming.
He then traces the history of these denominations and, in particular, the global expansion of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Dr. Knight concludes this carefully researched volume by raising the question of whether this church will be able to maintain alive its message and mission until Christ returns in glory, as He promised. Critics consider that this book is “the most recent and complete Millerite history.”

George R. Knight

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George Knight, PhD, is a specialist in Adventist history. He has authored and edited more than 70 books in such diverse fields as theology, biblical studies, educational philosophy, Ellen White studies, and Adventist history.