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Faith-Based Caregiving in a Secular World
Four Defining Issues

This book challenges a number of widely held beliefs about faith-based healthcare.
First, it examines the difference between “curing” and “healing” in Jesus’ ministry; second, spirituality is redefined to make it more meaningful to caregivers; third, to combat the compassion fatigue that often cripples them, the biblical command to rest is recommended; finally, some misguided (though well-intentioned) explanations of God’s role in sickness and death are critiqued.
People preparing for and professionals involved in healthcare will be informed and inspired by the content of this book.

James J. Londis

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About the Author

James J. Londis has 20 years of experience as an administrator and professor of religion and ethics in a healthcare college. He also served as president of a Christian college and pastor of a large church in Washington, D.C.
Two earlier books include Abortion:
Mercy or Murder? and God’s Finger Wrote Freedom.
He holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from Boston University, with an emphasis on the philosophy of religion and ethics