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Human Sexuality
Sharing the Wonder of God's Good Gift with Your Children
(in large format)

Do you wish you knew how to talk about sexuality as easily as you speak of sports or music?
Are you avoiding "the big talk," hoping to educate your child about sexuality in better ways? Are you concerned that too much information about sex will encourage sexual activity? How can you help your teen make wise choices about sex and avoid STD's and teen pregnancy? Does your child have the skills to resist harmful peer and media pressure?
Here's real help for teaching the facts of life, your family values and practical skills for Christian living.

Also available in Spanish # 02062 Sexualidad humana

Karen and Ron Flowers

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Soft cover

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Acerca del autor

Karen and Ron Flowers are certified family life educators and have presented seminars on Christian family living in more than 80 countries.
Their work reflects lessons learned over decades of marriage, the parenting of two grown sons, and a shared career in ministry to families.