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Family Evangelism
Bringing Jesus to the Family Circle
(in large format

Do you wish to work "with" rather than "against" family dynamics in evangelism? Are you ready to listen and respond to why youth leave the church…and why they stay?
Can you safeguard your own family relationships even while giving diligently of yourself? Have you heard the heartcry of post-moderns for meaningful relationships?
Are you ready for fresh dialogue between family life educators and evangelists? Do you want to be more effective in bringing whole families to Jesus together? If your answer is "Yes!" to any of these questions, then this book was written for you!

Karen and Ron Flowers

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Acerca del autor

Karen and Ron Flowers are certified family life educators and co-directors of Family Ministries at the world headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
They have presented seminars on Christian family living in many countries and published scores of resources for ministry to families in the local church.
Their work reflects decades of marriage, the parenting of two grown sons, and a shared career in ministry to families.