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No Fear for the Future
Affirming Adventism's Divinely-Directed Origin with Ethical Principles for the Endtime People

It reads like a veritable ABC of global movements: Adventism, Bahai’ism, Communism, Darwinism, etc. What major factor “combines” all these religious, scientific, and social movements? That pivotal year 1844! Dig into this volume and discover the incredible manner in which God raised up a worldwide community of believers to counter error, and to recapture the truth of the faith of Jesus, and faithfulness to His loving laws.

Ron du Preez

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Acerca del autor

Originally from South Africa, Pastor Ron du Preez has a ThD in Ethics, a DMin in Missions, and is currently a PhD candidate in New Testament Studies.
He has taught theology, religion, and ethics in universities in America and Africa; is the author and editor of a dozen books; and frequently contributed to scholarly journals in religion and ethics.