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Jumpstart Connections
31 Fresh Ideas to Invigorate Your Relationship

Does an important relationship in your life need a jumpstart to bring it back to full vigor? Would you like to meet people whose relationships are authentic and growing, and learn their secrets?
Are you longing for a sense of wholeness in yourself and in your connection with others? Do you want to see examples of values being lived instead of debated? Then this is the book for you.
Learn how to improve your life and your relationships.

Karen Holford and Karen and Ron Flowers

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Soft cover

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Acerca del autor

Karen Holford trained as an occupational therapist and is a certified family life educator.
She holds graduate degrees in Educational/Developmental Psychology and Systemic Psychotherapy.
Karen and Ron Flowers have worked in family life education since 1980 and have presented seminars on marriage, parenting, and growing relationships in more than 80 countries.